Depression is hard. It’s not just “the blues,” and it’s not just a “bad mood.” Depression can make every task and facet of life seem difficult.

When it comes to depression, there are myriad pharmacological interventions out there. While many folks certainly find relief through these medications, there is a growing shift toward cannabis as an effective treatment because it is less fraught with potential side effects.  

Let’s have a look at marijuana, depression, and how The Flower Shop can help you find relief and feel better.


Promising Cannabis Strains as Potential Treatment for Depression


There is a lot of research out there on this subject. However, very few studies have been on human subjects with stringent scientific protocols. That is because the federal government has maintained a stranglehold on cannabis-related research.

As these prohibitions are relaxed, we are seeing more—and better—research. But sources are still scarce, and we rely heavily on user reports and animal studies. 

However, those studies send a bit of a mixed message.


Marijuana Strains with Potential Interest in Depression Treatment


Recently conducted research into the antidepressant and anxiolytic (anxiety-relieving) effects of cannabis paint a promising picture for the future. Patients using cannabis products experienced significant reductions in both anxiety and depressive symptoms. 

More than simply a self-reporting study of users, this research employed Controls that did not initiate cannabis use. And those control groups saw no improvement. 

Only those who initiated cannabis use during the study saw these effects. While further placebo-controlled studies are needed, this is a very optimistic result. One that certainly supports what many have been saying for so long.

One of the biggest bonuses, depression-wise, when it comes to using marijuana medicinally, might seem indirect, but the effects are huge. 

You see, marijuana is super-powerful when it comes to relieving the conditions that contribute to depression. While depression is sometimes a “stand-alone” condition, it more often develops as a reaction to chronic conditions. Think pain, PTSD, and anxiety. 

While federal restrictions on research have left us with less good science than we’d like, current data shows that marijuana eases ailments that contribute to the development of depression, including:

  • Long-term stress—research supports the common belief that lower doses of THC relieve stress.  
  • Anxiety—while studies show that, for many, THC relieves anxiety symptoms, there is debate about dosage. Some studies find low dosages are best, while others find higher dosages work best.
  • PTSD—a recent study by MAPS (The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) found that varying ratios of CBD to THC provided showed improvement in PTSD symptoms.
  • Chronic pain— pain control —including neuropathic pain—is probably the most studied medicinal effect and the bedrock of applied cannabis use.
  • Insomnia—frequently caused by the above-mentioned maladies, long-term insomnia is a common contributor to depression. Addressing those issues often alleviates insomnia. But what if your insomnia is a stand-alone, sans any obvious contributing factors? Research finds that cannabis improves sleep quality and eases insomnia in those with chronic sleep disorders.


Addressing these ailments is a gigantic step toward ameliorating depressive symptoms. Just as money can’t buy happiness but can alleviate those stressors that prevent it, weed helps relieve those hurts that, in turn, contribute to depression.

Of course, marijuana’s solid dearth of serious side effects is a bonus. Unlike most prescription anti-depressant medications, cannabis has no dangerous baggage and no associated health-threatening complications.


It’s Important to Work with Experts


More and more, we’re discovering that too much marijuana can trigger feelings of anxiety. Worse, several self-reporting studies show that heavy cannabis use can increase feelings of depression.  

As is often the case, “start low and go slow” is good advice. Experimenting with dosages, forms, and strains for depression treatment is always a good idea with the guidance of The Flower Shop’s knowledgeable Wellness Experts.


Getting Medical Approval on Cannabis Strains for Depression and Anxiety 


Most folks who seek out the best weed strains for depression will be buying from adult recreational dispensaries.  

That’s because many states do not recognize depression as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. Very few states cite depression as a legitimate reason for possessing a medical marijuana card. However, some states allow physicians to prescribe for any condition that severely impacts or limits “major life functions.”  

And that most certainly describes depression.  

Speaking to a physician about prescribing medical marijuana for depression is definitely worth your while! However, depending on where you live, your doc’s script-writing hands may be tied.


What About CBD to Treat Mental Health?


CBD (aka cannabidiol) has been a rising star for a while now. Unlike THC, CBD does not inspire strong psychoactive effects. Even without these effects, for many CBD users, the relief experienced is reliable and undeniable. 

As mentioned above, federal restrictions have slowed research, but what we have so far is terrifically optimistic. 

CBD, often delivered in the form of candy or sublingual drops, is sometimes combined with THC in varying ratios. These different combinations offer up various effects. Higher CBD levels reduce the more “trippy” effects of THC without negating the benefits.  

Some states that do not permit general cannabis sales do allow for CBD sales, which is good to know!


How to Choose and Dose Cannabis Strains for Depression


best strain for depressionWhile smoking flower is probably the most common way of finding relief, other methods and other products may offer a more precise way of dosing. This can be especially useful if you’re looking to keep doses low to find your perfect levels for relief.

Let’s dive into The Flower Shop’s best weed strains for depression and the things that contribute to it.



Likely the most popular form of marijuana. Flower is an experience, from the first whiff to the rapid and dependable onset of effects. The Flower Shop carries a broad array of smokable weed, including strains known to be particularly useful for most seeking relief from depression.


Dirty Kush Breath


An OG Kush Breath x Dirty Banana cross, this strain is a hash-y, lemony, banana-meets-licorice feast. Consumers report this strain delivers a strong blow against depression, anxiety, stress, and ADD/ADHD. Dirty Kush Breath is a complex, multi-layered strain and a powerful tool for relaxation and relief without conking out.




Described as an earthy, tangy indica-leaning hybrid, Garlique is a smooth and spicy strain. The high comes on jubilant, giving energy and focus, and it follows with a deep peacefulness that is happy, calm, and great for relieving insomnia.  

Some susceptible users report a titch of anxiety at the euphoric peak, but it’s short-lived and not bad.


Purple Punch 


A grape-y, fruity strain, this flower comes on with a potent sense of tranquility, positivity, and joyousness. Purple Punch‘s initial high is a happy, chatty flight, followed by a body-soothing ride that brings on a great night’s sleep. If your depression is fed by poor sleep, Purple Punch may be another winner for you.




The growing popularity of vape products has made for an explosion of amazing cannabis offerings. These are perfect for folks who don’t want to smoke but want the immediate effects delivered when utilizing the lungs. The Flower Shop’s wide array of vape cartridges, disposables, and specialty pods offer a variety of fine products to choose from:


Arnold Palmer 


A sativa-heavy hybrid with a mentally uplifting rush, Arnold Palmer packs an equally sweet body high without knocking you out or giving you the munchies. Perfectly suited for relieving pain, calming the mind, and finding an elevated head space.




An indica-heavy (very heavy) cross, this strain brings a hefty, full-body hit that knocks pain and insomnia back handily. Aurora is a perfect weapon against the things that contribute to depression as it brings on a sweet, restful high.




If you’re looking for relief with fewer THC-type psychoactive effects, Energy may be just your thing. Energy’s 4:1 CBD to THC ratio is great for relaxation but with an uplifting and focused mental effect. It relieves pain, elevates mood, and boosts energy, but it doesn’t get you super-duper high.


Edibles and Baked Goods


weed strain for depression treatmentIncreasingly popular, edibles and baked goods are two of the most enjoyable ways to start low and go slow. With THC dosages as low as 2.5 mg per dose, it’s an easy—and tasty—way to dose precisely. The Flower Shop has a dizzying collection of edibles, and here are some favorites:


Almond Bites


These sweet, tasty almond and Belgian chocolate bites from Isla are a perfectly delectable tool for precisely managing doses. At 5 mg, Almond Bites can be used singly, doubled, or combined with other products to give exactly the desired dose. 




Grön’s soothing, sweet pearls come in a wide variety of flavors. Even cooler? Grön pearls come with varying THC levels (from 2.5 mg) and ratios of CBD to THC (from 4:1 to no CBD). This makes Pearls amazingly versatile and easy to match to your needs!




Sipping your cannabis might be just the thing with the hot summer here! The Flower Shop has a great array of sippables, including Keef’s Mocktail Lemonade and Sip Elixirs’ array of flavorful beverages. With 100 mg of THC per bottle, you’ll want to use the measuring lids rather than knocking back swigs. But if swigs are what you’re after, then you’ll love Keef’s Bubba Kush Root Beer, which has 10 mg of THC per full can. As with most other comestibles, drinks make precise dosing easy.




The Flower Shop’s inventory of tinctures is perfect for you if, like with other digestibles, you’re seeking precision in dosing. With THC and CBD tinctures available, you’re sure to find the relief you’re looking for:


Polite Sprays


Polite’s sprays come in varying CBD to THC ratios for differing needs. Need a mental and physical boost? Grab onto the energy of Power Up’s Gotu Kola Extract for that extra bump. Looking for tranquility? Try the sweet relief of Ease Your Mind’s lemon balm leaf and kava extracts.


The Green Halo Tinctures


Glycerin-based tinctures, The Green Halo has CBD and indica offerings.  These tinctures are ideal for mixing with food or drink, which makes them wonderfully versatile.


Something Important Before We Wrap


Depression is big. It’s something that hurts, and you deserve not to be hurt. Treating depression can be fiddly, and it can take time and careful consideration to find your best path to wellness. If you are suffering from depression, it is important that you’re careful in your treatment choices.  

That means speaking to your doctor or therapist before beginning new treatments. So, while we at The Flower Shop want to see you find relief with us, what we really want is for you to be okay and healthy.

So be sure to speak with your doc or mental health professional before beginning a new treatment plan. It’s especially important if you are taking prescription antidepressant medications. Above all, be safe—it is the way.


A Bright, Sunny Day


Depression can hang over us like a cloud and block our sun. But there are tools at our disposal, things we can take hold of and use to our advantage. 

And one of those tools is marijuana.  

Marijuana not only directly eases depression it also effectively assuages the symptoms of chronic ailments contributing to depression. From anxiety and stress to pain and insomnia, marijuana offers up relief. 

If depression is weighing you down, or if you’ve been laboring under that burden, come see us at The Flower Shop. 

Our Wellness Experts have the experience and knowledge to get you started on your path to healing. Under their guidance, you can explore, experiment, and find your best weed strains for depression and anxiety. It’s time to feel better. Let us help.