How to Shop for and Buy Cannabis Edibles


Cannabis edibles (edibles for short) are products—both THC and CBD—you can eat. Of course, you can’t just munch on a handful of flower or stick some leaves in a blender, which won’t work, for reasons we’ll go into below. However, edibles are highly sought after because they deliver the same benefits of cannabis via the digestive tract rather than the lungs. For folks with pulmonary/breathing issues, edibles can be a literal life-saver. In this guide, we share what we recommend looking for when buying cannabis edibles online or in a dispensary, what’s good for eating, and how to best satisfy your appetitee.


What Are Edibles Good For, Anyway?


Cannabis edibles have come a long, long way since the days of “pot brownies” and “potsta sauce.” The array of available forms, flavors, and intensities is dizzying. In a good way! 

Edibles are good for pretty much anything that ails you! The most popular uses include:

  • Pain Relief
  • Help Sleeping
  • Overall Sense of Wellness
  • Relaxation
  • Fun
  • Improved Appetite


How Do Edibles Work?


buy cannabis ediblesEdibles are cannabis products that deliver the benefits of cannabis via the digestive tract rather than the lungs. For folks with pulmonary/breathing issues, edibles can be a literal life-saver.

The biggest difference between edibles and inhalables is how our bodies process them. Smoking and vaping involve the lungs, and your blood pumps through them every minute of every day. As a result, the effects you’re going to get will hit the bloodstream and brain pretty fast.

On the other hand, Edibles are processed by the blood vessels and mucous membranes in your mouth, along with your digestive tract. And the more digestive work your belly has to do, the longer full effects take to kick in. How long?

That depends on the type of edible. 




Processing begins in the mouth, with areas under the tongue and cheek being particularly well-suited to absorption of ingestibles. As a result, sublinguals—like Polite’s Daily Defense–hit faster than your usual cookies or gummies. You can expect to see effects in 15-30 minutes.

Though they can be mixed into foods, most sublingual cannabis products aren’t really ingestible by themselves.


Capsules and Pills


Unlike under-the-tongues or yummy-to-chews, capsules and pills are very straightforward. Swallow like any other pill. Because there is less digestive action with pills or capsules, effects can be quicker than with chewable edibles. On an empty stomach, it may take about 45 minutes.

There are a variety of capsules and pills available at The Flower Shop! These include the sleepy time Midnight Drops, a perfect 1:1 CBD and THC product, and Tru Infusion’s Indica Capsules.


Powders and Drinks


Cannabis drinkables come in a thrilling array of flavors. As you may have noticed with other non-chewable edibles, powders and drinks are absorbed more quickly than the munchie-types. As a result, the onset of desired effects can come as quickly as 30 minutes or even less on an empty stomach.  

Popular drinks at The Flower Shop include Keef Sodas and Keef Mocktail beverages, and Sir Newton’s sodas.  

On the other hand, Powders are often odorless, flavorless, and can be mixed into drinks or foods. This makes it possible to turn pretty much anything you can swallow into an edible! Sprinkle’s Extra-Strength Dissolvable Drink and Food mix promises rapid absorption for rapid effects—10-15 minutes. This is good because the faster you know, the less likely you will go overboard.


Edible Cannabis Candy


cannabis-infused candiesAbsorption is the slowest form of edible effects-wise. Cannabis-infused candies are a new type of cannabis edibles that are very popular because they taste good!

Be aware that some edibles can take as long as 60-90 minutes to kick in. It is important to keep this in mind to avoid multi-dosing.

The Flower Shop carries a broad selection of gummies, drops, chocolates, baked goods (including brownies), bars, hot sauces, and pretzels! Available in Sativa, Indica, CBD, and combinations balanced for your needs. You can’t help, but satisfy your sweet tooth!

A special note: some lozenge and sucker-type candy products, like Good Things Coming’s Lavender Lemon Drops or Sir Newton’s Hard Candies, are meant to be dissolved orally. This can speed up absorption considerably.


What About Homemade Edible Cannabis?


Earlier, we mentioned not throwing fresh leaf or sticky bud in the blender as a base for edibles. Let’s look at why that won’t work.

In order to render weed (or hemp) usable for edibles, it must be heated at the proper temperature for the correct amount of time. This process converts THCA (which won’t get you high) into THC.  

It does the same to convert CBDA to CBD, which gives you the broadest array of available cannabinoids. Eating without heating would be an egregious waste of weed.

Now, you know how to make homemade cannabis edibles. It’s fiddly and will stink up your house, but you can do it. You can decarb your favorite flower from The Flower Shop and create a tincture for adding to foods or drinks. However, there is one major drawback to making edibles at home.


Quality control 


Unless you want to invest in meters and potency testers, you’re not going to know how strong your edibles are until you eat them. Plus, potency may vary from batch to batch.  

So, you’ve got to ask yourself–do you feel lucky? Can your budget absorb an accidentally blown decarb? Are you counting on a precise dosage for medical reasons? Do you have to be in a place where being absolutely kite-high stoned might present a problem?  

If you answered yes, no, no? Then give it a whirl! 


Where Do People Buy Cannabis Edibles: Online or Dispensary?


If you’re looking to buy cannabis edibles online, look no further than The Flower Shop. Shop online or visit a dispensary and tell them you’re itching to play (only slightly) mad scientist at home! You will undoubtedly find the ideal strain (or strains!) to make your homemade edibles dream come true!

Nationwide, an increasing number of dispensaries are carrying THC edibles. Let’s have a look at which states allow these products:


Medical Only 


Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Minnesota (beginning August 1st, 2022), Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota (tincture or capsules only), Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania (capsules only), Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, and Maryland.


Medical and Recreational


Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Guam, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia. and sort-of 

Washington, DC also falls into this group, but it’s a special case. 

While DC laws allow for possession and home-growing, recreational SALES remain illegal. However, “gifting” is legal, so some dispensaries are “gifting” cannabis edibles to customers buying small items in their shops. 

Keep in mind that the Feds own around 33% of DC land, so being in possession or using in the city can be a hazardous venture.  


What About Reciprocity?


A dozen states accept medical marijuana cards from other states, including:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Hawaii
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Puerto Rico
  • Rhode Island
  • Washington DC

This means if you have a prescription for medical marijuana in Hawaii and travel to Puerto Rico, your card will be honored, which is pretty cool.


What About Transporting Between Legal States?


Here’s where things get dodgy. While the above-listed states will recognize and honor medical marijuana cards from other states. Traveling between states with cannabis is a bad idea, even if you’re passing directly between two states with legal weed.

Because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, transporting weed on federal highways and crossing borders between states can land you in federal jurisdiction. And the DEA can drop a devastating hammer on you, to the tune of up to five years in prison/$250,000 fine. So, don’t do that.


So, It’s All Sunshine and Flutterby Rainbows?


The short answer is no. You must be conscious of a couple of major “drawbacks” to edibles. What could be bad?


The Lag 


The potentially long stretch between dosing and effect. As we’ve seen above, some ingestibles are quick on the uptake, taking only 15-30 minutes. But others can take up to two hours! And in that time, it’s super-easy to decide to take more because you think it’s not working. 

Yes, being twice as high as you meant because you impatiently doubled up on the edibles might be fun, but it also might not be fun at all. It’s always best to be just as high as you want to be.


The Length 


Unlike smokeables and vapeables, edibles have a pretty long trip associated with them. The highs can last six-plus hours, with some folks reporting nine or more. Others have even reported feeling the effects 24 hours later. Which is amazing for pain relief and all-over feelings of well-being, but make sure you have that time to work with.


Let’s Get Munching!


For many, cannabis edibles represent the pinnacle of weed delivery. Their effects last long, are intense, and accurate dosing is easy-peasy. Use is uncomplicated, storage is a breeze, and you don’t need to know how to roll a soda or hard candy. What’s not to love?

So, now you’ve read up on edibles and decided to dive in and treat yourself to an amazing experience. You understand the types of edibles available and their effects, you’re aware of the legalities, and you’re ready to go!  

But go where? Will just any old dispensary do?

Oh, heavens no!  

Some dispensaries are pretty bare-bones. They may have that sort of “fly-by-night” feel. Or that impatient, cash-over-customer vibe. Whereas The Flower Shop has a robust inventory, broad categories of products, and knowledgeable Wellness Experts in peaceful, appealing environs.  

When looking for a dispensary to call your own, you shouldn’t settle for less than an all-over experience meant to elevate you. If you’re in the Phoenix area, it’s your lucky day! The Flower Shop has three spectacular locations with everything you could hope for, from wickedly impressive inventory to caring, informed Budtenders.  

What are you waiting for? We’ll leave the light on for you!