Weed is wonderful, and it comes in all shapes and forms for all people and can address a host of issues. One of the most versatile and easy-to-use forms of cannabis is tincture. Tincture is not as well-known as you might expect, considering its many applications and accuracy of dosing. 

We’re here today to explore how to use cannabis tinctures with information on types, how to make tinctures, and what they can do for you!


What Is Cannabis Tincture?


Tincture—from cannabis flower (for THC-containing product) or hemp flower (for CBD) is the result of a rather fiddly (but brilliant) process in which a liquid is infused with dried flower. This results in various types of cannabis tincture. 

Before the federal war on weed began, cannabis tinctures were commonly prescribed by doctors and found in many home medicine cabinets. It’s likely your grandparents or great-grandparents had a bottle on hand!

Thankfully, after almost a century of being maligned, tincture use has made a comeback.  


Tincture Demystified


The process of creating tincture involves soaking ground, decarboxylated flower in a medium of alcohol, oil, or vegetable glycerin (detailed below).

If you’re wondering what decarboxylating (aka “Decarbing”) entails. It’s the heating of flower to convert THCA (which doesn’t get you high) to THC (which does). In hemp flowers, decarbing converts CBDa into CBD, unlocking the full therapeutic effects.

Once the flower soaks for the appropriate period of time, the ground flower is filtered out, and voila! Tincture!

The effects of tincture vary somewhat with the strain used to create it, so there isn’t just one tincture out there—there’s a rainbow!




Tincture in a high-proof alcohol medium is usually a more potent product with a faster absorption rate than other tincture bases. However, it has an unpleasant flavor and can cause an intense burning sensation when applied sublingually (under the tongue).

When it comes to adding to meals, that powerfully boozy flavor can overwhelm all but the most strongly flavored foods. Alcohol-based tinctures are ideal for under-tongue use when you want to see effects faster and don’t care about the taste.  

The Flower Shop carries a variety of Core Concentrate’s alcohol-based distillates, including the popular Pineapple Express. Pineapple Express is famed for pain relief and a buzzy, creative uplift in mood, delivered without drowsiness.




While often not quite as potent, a tincture made with vegetable glycerin has the advantage of having a slightly sweet flavor and a smooth texture. Glycerin is not metabolized as sugar, so it won’t cause grief for people with diabetes. 

Glycerin tinctures do not tend to have the shelf life of alcohol-based products but certainly stay fresh long enough for most purposes. Some folks have been known to fortify or strengthen glycerin tincture by adding a small amount of alcohol tincture.

The Flower Shop carries Green Halo Glycerin tinctures, including a higher THC Indica and a High CBD/Low THC offering.




While tinctures with an oil base are also not as potent as alcohol-based products, they have the advantage of containing fats. Cannabinoids are fat-soluble, and it is believed that consuming cannabis with fats may increase the body’s absorption of both THC and CBD. 

In addition, oil-based tinctures are perfect for including in recipes (think “cannabutter” for baked goods). The reason? Oils don’t tend to retain much of the chlorophyll taste, making for a more pleasant-tasting end product. Oil-based tinctures can also be made stronger with the addition of alcohol tinctures. 

The Flower Shop carries the hempseed oil-based Polite tinctures, including Daily Defense, Rest Well, and Ease Your Mind. These are high CBD, low THC tinctures to provide relief without clouding your mind.


Are Tinctures Extracts?


Tinctures fall under the broader category of extracts. In logic terms, all tinctures are extracts, but not all extracts are tinctures. Products labeled “extract” are generally much more potent, as their medium to herb ratio is 1:1. On the other hand, tinctures often use less plant and more alcohol, glycerin, or an oil medium, and this usually results in a 3:1 to 8:1 ratio.


How To Use Cannabis Tincture


Tincture is incredibly versatile. From sublingual drops and oral sprays to inclusion in comestibles, tinctures really are the all-purpose cannabis for all occasions! They can be added to drinks, ice cream sundae toppings, soups, and gravies—the limit is your imagination!  

Cannabis tinctures can be used hot, cold, or anywhere in between. Don’t take our word for it–experiment with our array of Polite Sprays and Green Halo Glycerin tinctures!


Cannabis Tincture Uses?


Tinctures have many benefits that make them preferable for a lot of folks, including:


  • Easy, accurate dosing. Unlike smoking, tinctures can be applied sublingually in measured dropper doses or sprays, which means you always know precisely how much you’re getting.
  • Zero hassle. No measuring, no rolling, no refrigeration, no special gear required. 
  • Low calorie/low sugar. Unlike some edibles, tincture isn’t going to break the calorie bank or wreak havoc with blood sugar.
  • More rapid onset. While under-the-tongue tincture isn’t likely to hit you as fast as a smoked bowl, it hits much more rapidly than edibles. This makes it easy to quickly determine how you’re being affected and whether or not your dose is sufficient for your needs.
  • Long-lasting. The effects of properly dosed tincture—alone or mixed in food– tend to last at least four to eight hours.   
  • Discretion! Unlike smoked weed or vaping, there is no smell, no obvious outward signs that you’re dosing. It’s easy to keep a dropper bottle in a pocket or purse, and no worry that, like with edibles, you might crumble or crush your precious cargo.


Best Cannabis Tincture Type for What Ails You


Now, not all tinctures are meant for getting high. In addition to THC-containing tinctures, The Flower Shop carries several CBD tinctures in spray and glycerin drop form, but which is best for you?


THC Tinctures


These tinctures, sourced from indica, sativa, or hybrid strains, primarily contain THC. THC is where we get most of the psychoactive effects of cannabis. The high aside, THC tinctures like Green Halo’s amazing Indica can be great for reducing nausea, relieving anxiety and depression, inspiring creativity, easing insomnia, and reducing muscle spasms and pain.


CBD Tinctures


CBD tinctures are often sourced from hemp and are known to deliver many of the same relaxing, pain-reducing benefits of THC tinctures, minus the high. Green Halo’s High CBD glycerin Tincture and Polite’s hempseed oil-based Relief Aid are great for enhancing well-being without sedation.


Hybrid Tinctures


These tinctures combine THC and CBD, often in a 1:1 ratio, though that can vary. Different ratios make for different psychoactive effects, from some to none. However, the health benefits are delivered regardless of the ratio.

What’s a good rule of thumb? The higher the CBD, the less high you get. Polite’s hempseed oil-based Rest Well delivers a nicely balanced 300 mg of CBD to 85 mg of THC, creating a great insomnia-busting helper.

A good talk with one of our Wellness Experts is always the best way to determine which product suits your individual needs.


Why Wait?


Tincture may well be the most effective, easy-to-use form of cannabis out there. No fuss, no muss, and you can choose whether you’re looking for relief with a high or without. Spray or drops? Under tongue or included in your favorite drinks or recipes? THC or CBD? Tinctures are the most versatile cannabis products, and the sky’s the limit.  

So why wait? Come visit one of our Valley locations and speak with our friendly, knowledgeable Wellness Experts to find the perfect tincture for you!